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We at Suhani Cleaning Service are dedicated at offering end of lease house clean up, commercial cleaning as well as office clean up, carpet steam cleaning, after builders cleaning and other different types of cleaning services to our clients for a couple of years now.

We will take off a lot of your household chores from your “To do“ list while giving you back a neat and clean home which would help you in saving a lot of your precious time which you can spend with your family and friends. While hiring the professional services for cleaning your house you should make sure that the company offers you a hassle-free experience.

We would start by inspecting your house for areas which need attention. Some of the areas such as kitchen and bathrooms might require thorough cleaning while the other parts such as store might be off the limits to our team.

Once the list is ready with us, we would ask our expert to visit the site and offer you a rough estimate about the work which is in mind. We can even provide you with a fixed estimate which works much better than hour-wise charges which may depend largely on competence of cleaning services team. You may even ask us about the quality of our products, the machines that we would use for cleaning your house, etc.

We will make sure that our team reaches your place on time and also that it has done its job well by inspecting the antecedents for preventing untoward incidents such as theft. You may check our online customer reviews which would give you an idea about the kind and quality of services that we offer.

We’re an eco-friendly organisation which is completely committed to safeguarding the environment with the help of sustainable materials for cleaning. We use environmentally responsible and sustainable products for cleaning. Additionally, we also use thorough detail clean rotation system for ensuring that your house looks spick and spam.

Why choose our services

Choose only us because we have a reputation of excellence. We have been serving our customers for a very long time now and we have earned a good name for customer service and quality. The home owners that we serve depend on us for details oriented and consistent cleaning services every time we clean their houses.

Our detail clean rotation system makes sure that we offer only high quality services. You just cannot underestimate power of good cleaning but no one has the time to do it. So we will take care of cleaning and let you focus on more important things.

Our professional checklist helps in ensuring that we achieve thorough cleaning each time. We make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our quality services. There is absolutely no risk in hiring us.

We will offer you high quality services at affordable prices. Our team of professionals will make sure that they leave behind neat and clean house which you can boast about.

Our Latest Offers

  • Oven Cleaning $99
  • After Builders cleaning $40/ Hrs per cleaner
  • 3 Hrs once off Cleaning + carpet Cleaning $199
  • Regular Domestic Cleaning $30/ hrs.

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Carpet Cleaning

When you select us for your carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you can be sure of getting deeply clean, fast dry services and a healthy house for you as well as your family.

We have gained peoples’ trust in this industry, cleaning a number of households. We employ the Hot-Carbonating Extraction technique for delivering a deep, long lasting technique alongwith green certified solution which is natural as well as safe for the pets and kids too.

Office Cleaning

We understand that perfect presentation as well as high standards of Office cleaning may help in making a prominent difference towards the perception of the clients of a business as well as the brand. We at Suhani cleaning services have an extensive experience in offering a wide range of good quality services in different official environments and we maintain partnership with all our clients for ensuring exceptional Melbourne based office Cleaning service.

We introduce new efficiencies in the official premises by optimising the design of the process with the help of new technologies.

Bond Cleaning

Some of us consider moving our house to be exciting and fun but there is absolutely no reason that it cannot be once that the whole stress of bond cleaning can be removed. For years together, our family has helped a lot of people in preparing their properties for the new tenants and the final inspections by the managers.

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